Choosing the Best Apps for Running

Are you someone who is an avid runner, or do you just enjoy it in a passive sense? Either way, there are a wealth of apps on the market today that will help to motivate you and help you to put together an ideal fitness routine. It is easier than you might think to use these apps, even if you think of yourself as being technologically challenged. Consider trying out one or more of the following for a boost in your energy.

Zombies, Run!

Why not start out with one of the more fun and inventive apps? This is something that already has made many people get more into their running and truly enjoy it. The app is available on Windows Phone, as well as iOS and Android devices. It will cost you about $8, a cost which is definitely worth it for the sheer entertainment value alone. If you have a weird sense of humor and do not like to worry about your running stats, this might just be perfect for you. You will be able to interval train AND put together a supply base at the same time.


This app, which is entirely free, can be used on Android and iOS devices. It has been the favorite app of many runners for a long while. It is connected to the GPS on your phone. This allows for the app to track your distance, whether you are running, hiking, biking, or doing some other “outdoor” activity. You also will be able to photograph yourself, as well as determine how many calories you have burned and also download running routes. Sync it to programs that will let you track your progress with ease.

Wahoo Fitness

This app also is a free one. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can utilize the sensors on your phone, along with Wahoo fitness devices. That way, you can record how well you have performed. Customize your data screens to see the information that you prefer to view at any particular time. Record your distance, speed, heart rate, and more. The in-app GPS will pick up on your location.

Cardio Trainer

This is a free app that contains voice feedback, a built-in music player, and personalization settings. You can map your running route to view it while you are still out running. It has a clean and clear interface that makes it a great choice for someone who is just beginning to use apps for their running. You can have it set to record your distance in either kilometers or miles.