Did you know that you can make yourself look years younger, just by taking a few simple steps? That’s right, there are proven ways to slow, stop, and even reverse the apparent signs of premature aging. There have been studies conducted on the subject, so doctors know what it takes to improve one’s skin – now you can, as well. Follow these tips and you are likely to see great improvement.

Be Careful Outdoors

One of the biggest things that people are aware of, but do not do enough, is the fact that a trip outdoors for more than a few minutes requires putting on some sunscreen. Even when the sun is nowhere to be seen on a gloomy Fall or Winter day, it is still highly recommended that it is worn.

It does not matter if your skin is sensitive to getting sunburned or not – the sun’s rays cause considerable damage that you just may not see at all, until it’s “too late”. Melanoma can be a serious risk when you are spending time in the sun with nothing to protect your skin. Luckily, information about the how, when, and why of putting on sunscreen lotion is readily available today. There are many brands, SPF levels, and types on the market – so, don’t take your chances.

Smile (and Laugh) More

Put a big smile on. Yes, I know it is easier said than done. It turns out that stress is a major contributor to wrinkles on an individual’s face. If you find that you have these “frown” lines on your face, there is hope for a turn-around. There are exercises that you can do in order to relieve tension in your facial muscles. Of course, it does help if you can get at the root causes themselves to reduce the effects of stress on your body, in general. None of us can avoid it entirely. However, you can meditate, do breathing exercises, or write in a journal to make it easier to cope with daily minor stressors and the big things that worry you.

Get Your Nutrients

A good diet is one of the most important things when it comes to having healthy skin. This means drinking the recommended amount of water and making sure to eat foods that have the essential vitamins and minerals (the key is getting a great deal of Vitamin E), while avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol and tobacco.

Along the same lines, you should eat and drink things that contain antioxidants. The antioxidants work hard to break up free radicals that latch onto cells and cause some serious damage. It is preferable that you get as much as possible from vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruits, some meats, grain, nuts, fish and poultry. You may take a multivitamin for an extra boost, but it is not necessary and even may be harmful if you take in too much at once.