You really can promote a healthy lifestyle after surgery, as well as help your loved ones to live healthier, by gardening. It may seem like a simple concept, but gardening has so many benefits that you may not even think of. Family members can do this together for a great quality time activity. Whether you have gotten into gardening to save money on food, live healthier, or to have some peace and quiet outdoors, it sure is a wonderful hobby.

Enjoy Local Foods

It is said that fresh food is the best that you possibly can eat – and it is true. You can grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables in order to know that what you are eating is pesticide-free and not genetically engineered (for the most part). Do plenty of research before you begin, so that you know which of the varieties may be grown where you live. If you want to save time and are not sure if you have a green thumb, you can pick up some starter plants from a nursery or store with a home and garden section. When you have the foods on hand, you will be more likely to eat them and enjoy greater health benefits.

Have Less Stressful Moments

Is it important that you avoid stress in your life? For many, that is a big goal, but one that is rarely met. That is where gardening comes into play. It will help you to experience peace and a more clear mind. It will promote a meditative state and even can reduce your blood pressure. Knock that stress out of the park and you will love how you feel, just by spending time with your hands in the dirt in your very own yard.

Exercise Time

When you do any gardening task, you tend to use many muscles that you ordinarily would not use on a regular basis. If you were to start gardening when you are fairly young, you can keep your heart healthy for your whole lifetime. The “workout” that you get in the garden is especially good for older individuals.

Get More Sun

Being out in the sun can only benefit you. It helps your body to make Vitamin D, and is important for regulation of moods and sleep cycles. Other benefits include reducing headaches, stomachaches, and improving concentration and memory.

Regardless of whether or not you have the space for a garden on your property, you can grow foods, herbs, and flowers. Find out if there are community garden plots available nearby, or see if you have a friend or neighbor who is looking for help with their own garden. You also can keep some potted plants and containers in your windows or on your balcony or porch.