With rising advertising costs (and historically low engagement) the dental marketing landscape can seem grim.

Don’t fear — there are actually a few killer marketing tactics you can implement today, that will differentiate you from the competition. On top of that, these tactics are easy (read: cheap, as they only take your time) and more valuable in the long-run than a single advertising campaign.

The one caveat? There’s no instant results.

The most effective dental marketing plan would be to use all of these strategies together. Similarly, this stands true for almost all marketing efforts (aka. social media gives you a channel of promotion for your content, and your content generates organic traffic which can produce social shares… etc.)

Essentially, smart marketing is a process that grows your business exponentially.

Check it out:

Blogging — The Content-Marketing Hub

Your company blog should be the epicenter of your (inbound) marketing. Spend a few hours each week creating interesting (and educational) content that will resonate with your local market. Here’s the point that most professionals forget: The articles + blog posts should be centered around your target patient – not you! So think of information that would benefit them.

Some example topics:

  • How To Get Children To Learn Proper Brushing Techniques
  • My Recommended Dental Products For Different Age Groups
  • 3 Signs Of Plaque: What To Look Out For

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The content doesn’t need to be long, and the creation process does NOT need to be arduous. If anything, have fun with it and let your personality show through. (Remember, your patients are buying into YOU just as much as your practice.)

Social Media — The Updates And Promotion Center

Your social media channels should be the backbone of your promotion. Once someone connects with you (whether that’s a follow on twitter, a subscription on youtube, or a like on facebook) you can re-market and send them updates at any time in the future. When you’re just starting out, you’ll need to get the ball rolling by asking people in person to connect with your practice on social media.. but in the future, you can get creative with competitions, local hashtags, and more to keep your social presence growing.

Alternatively, you can create social media specific content (like producing and uploading videos on youtube, or other content-centric social sites). This is another great way to build a brand around yourself and your practice.

The Website — The Key To Conversions And Patients

This is where you bring it all together.

  1. Content to generate traffic and demonstrate your value.
  2. Social media to build a relationship and consistently stay top-of-mind.
  3. The website to educate and convert potential patients and provide up to date information.

Don’t leave your website in the stone-age… that’s a hugely common mistake. You need to be constantly updating (or at least, quarterly) the business information and layout of your site. This doesn’t mean you need to fix something that isn’t broken.. but rather, you should be optimizing to make sure the website is as easy and straightforward to use as possible.

Things like having a contact form on the main page with a strong call to action, or your phone number in bright large print at the top of the page, or even real (not stock) photos of your employees and yourself can make a HUGE difference.

Use these three marketing channels to really drive home the value you provide to your community. Overtime your efforts will compound on themselves (once you get a following, it’s start to generate organic growth without your input)… and you’ll reach true market leadership.

The interesting part is that these three areas of marketing don’t require a single penny to operate at full effectiveness (unless you decide to outsource it). So get out there and start building your marketing leadership!