Gardening Hobby for Post-Surgery Patients


You really can promote a healthy lifestyle after surgery, as well as help your loved ones to live healthier, by gardening. It may seem like a simple concept, but gardening has so many benefits that you may not even think of. Family members can do this together for a great quality time activity. Whether you have gotten into gardening to save money on food, live healthier, or to have some peace and quiet outdoors, it sure is a wonderful hobby.

Enjoy Local Foods

It is said that fresh food is the best that you possibly can eat – and it is true. You can grow your own herbs, fruits and vegetables in order to know that what you are eating is pesticide-free and not genetically engineered (for the most part). Do plenty of research before you begin, so that you know which of the varieties may be grown where you live. If you want to save time and are not sure if you have a green thumb, you can pick up some starter plants from a nursery or store with a home and garden section. When you have the foods on hand, you will be more likely to eat them and enjoy greater health benefits.

Have Less Stressful Moments

Is it important that you avoid stress in your life? For many, that is a big goal, but one that is rarely met. That is where gardening comes into play. It will help you to experience peace and a more clear mind. It will promote a meditative state and even can reduce your blood pressure. Knock that stress out of the park and you will love how you feel, just by spending time with your hands in the dirt in your very own yard.

Exercise Time

When you do any gardening task, you tend to use many muscles that you ordinarily would not use on a regular basis. If you were to start gardening when you are fairly young, you can keep your heart healthy for your whole lifetime. The “workout” that you get in the garden is especially good for older individuals.

Get More Sun

Being out in the sun can only benefit you. It helps your body to make Vitamin D, and is important for regulation of moods and sleep cycles. Other benefits include reducing headaches, stomachaches, and improving concentration and memory.

Regardless of whether or not you have the space for a garden on your property, you can grow foods, herbs, and flowers. Find out if there are community garden plots available nearby, or see if you have a friend or neighbor who is looking for help with their own garden. You also can keep some potted plants and containers in your windows or on your balcony or porch.

When Should You First Bring Your Child to the Dentist?

Pediatric Dentist

When is it important to bring your child to the dentist for the very first time? You may hear different answers based on who you ask, but the official word is that children should begin to visit a dentist starting at the age of 1, or 2 years old if he or she has transitioned to drinking from a cup and does not have a drink or snack during the middle of the night.

Getting Comfortable

The main reason to take your child in to see a dental professional at 1 or 2 years old, is to get him or her comfortable with seeing someone new and the whole process of having a dental exam. At this age, it is highly unlikely that anything further than a basic cleaning and counting of teeth will need to be conducted. If you have a reason to suspect any dental issues, then you should mention it right away to the child’s dentist. You will want to find a family-friendly office, or one which specializes in treating children.

Otherwise, the first time is about educating parents on how to care for their children’s teeth. You should have an overview on how to brush their teeth, begin to show your child good brushing habits, and find out how to floss properly.

A Good Atmosphere

It is crucial that the office you bring you child to has a calming and even fun atmosphere. This will show him or her that the dentist’s office is not someplace of which he or she should be afraid. The waiting room should have some games, an activity table, as well as some books and little toys. Your child is sure to feel more at ease in such a place. Some offices that are specifically geared towards child patients will have a themed room for dental examinations, decorated like a castle or something else many children will love.

There are many offices that make it a point to avoid using “negative speak” about dental treatments and procedures. The staff focus on keeping the child calm, while still making the family aware of what they are doing and the recommended next steps.

What to Expect in Later Years

A child will not usually have an orthodontic exam until he or she is at least about 5 years old. The orthodontist will look at his or her teeth and their placement in relation to one another, to determine if any corrective measures should be taken. If a child has gaps between teeth or they are misaligned, it is likely that a retainer will be recommended. The orthodontist should be able to tell you if the child will need braces at some point in the future.

3 Easy Ways You Can Generate (Local) Dental Market Leadership


With rising advertising costs (and historically low engagement) the dental marketing landscape can seem grim.

Don’t fear — there are actually a few killer marketing tactics you can implement today, that will differentiate you from the competition. On top of that, these tactics are easy (read: cheap, as they only take your time) and more valuable in the long-run than a single advertising campaign.

The one caveat? There’s no instant results.

The most effective dental marketing plan would be to use all of these strategies together. Similarly, this stands true for almost all marketing efforts (aka. social media gives you a channel of promotion for your content, and your content generates organic traffic which can produce social shares… etc.)

Essentially, smart marketing is a process that grows your business exponentially.

Check it out:

Blogging — The Content-Marketing Hub

Your company blog should be the epicenter of your (inbound) marketing. Spend a few hours each week creating interesting (and educational) content that will resonate with your local market. Here’s the point that most professionals forget: The articles + blog posts should be centered around your target patient – not you! So think of information that would benefit them.

Some example topics:

  • How To Get Children To Learn Proper Brushing Techniques
  • My Recommended Dental Products For Different Age Groups
  • 3 Signs Of Plaque: What To Look Out For

These are just a few ideas to get you started. The content doesn’t need to be long, and the creation process does NOT need to be arduous. If anything, have fun with it and let your personality show through. (Remember, your patients are buying into YOU just as much as your practice.)

Social Media — The Updates And Promotion Center

Your social media channels should be the backbone of your promotion. Once someone connects with you (whether that’s a follow on twitter, a subscription on youtube, or a like on facebook) you can re-market and send them updates at any time in the future. When you’re just starting out, you’ll need to get the ball rolling by asking people in person to connect with your practice on social media.. but in the future, you can get creative with competitions, local hashtags, and more to keep your social presence growing.

Alternatively, you can create social media specific content (like producing and uploading videos on youtube, or other content-centric social sites). This is another great way to build a brand around yourself and your practice.

The Website — The Key To Conversions And Patients

This is where you bring it all together.

  1. Content to generate traffic and demonstrate your value.
  2. Social media to build a relationship and consistently stay top-of-mind.
  3. The website to educate and convert potential patients and provide up to date information.

Don’t leave your website in the stone-age… that’s a hugely common mistake. You need to be constantly updating (or at least, quarterly) the business information and layout of your site. This doesn’t mean you need to fix something that isn’t broken.. but rather, you should be optimizing to make sure the website is as easy and straightforward to use as possible.

Things like having a contact form on the main page with a strong call to action, or your phone number in bright large print at the top of the page, or even real (not stock) photos of your employees and yourself can make a HUGE difference.

Use these three marketing channels to really drive home the value you provide to your community. Overtime your efforts will compound on themselves (once you get a following, it’s start to generate organic growth without your input)… and you’ll reach true market leadership.

The interesting part is that these three areas of marketing don’t require a single penny to operate at full effectiveness (unless you decide to outsource it). So get out there and start building your marketing leadership!

Reduce Your Chances of Premature Skin Aging


Did you know that you can make yourself look years younger, just by taking a few simple steps? That’s right, there are proven ways to slow, stop, and even reverse the apparent signs of premature aging. There have been studies conducted on the subject, so doctors know what it takes to improve one’s skin – now you can, as well. Follow these tips and you are likely to see great improvement.

Be Careful Outdoors

One of the biggest things that people are aware of, but do not do enough, is the fact that a trip outdoors for more than a few minutes requires putting on some sunscreen. Even when the sun is nowhere to be seen on a gloomy Fall or Winter day, it is still highly recommended that it is worn.

It does not matter if your skin is sensitive to getting sunburned or not – the sun’s rays cause considerable damage that you just may not see at all, until it’s “too late”. Melanoma can be a serious risk when you are spending time in the sun with nothing to protect your skin. Luckily, information about the how, when, and why of putting on sunscreen lotion is readily available today. There are many brands, SPF levels, and types on the market – so, don’t take your chances.

Smile (and Laugh) More

Put a big smile on. Yes, I know it is easier said than done. It turns out that stress is a major contributor to wrinkles on an individual’s face. If you find that you have these “frown” lines on your face, there is hope for a turn-around. There are exercises that you can do in order to relieve tension in your facial muscles. Of course, it does help if you can get at the root causes themselves to reduce the effects of stress on your body, in general. None of us can avoid it entirely. However, you can meditate, do breathing exercises, or write in a journal to make it easier to cope with daily minor stressors and the big things that worry you.

Get Your Nutrients

A good diet is one of the most important things when it comes to having healthy skin. This means drinking the recommended amount of water and making sure to eat foods that have the essential vitamins and minerals (the key is getting a great deal of Vitamin E), while avoiding excessive amounts of alcohol and tobacco.

Along the same lines, you should eat and drink things that contain antioxidants. The antioxidants work hard to break up free radicals that latch onto cells and cause some serious damage. It is preferable that you get as much as possible from vitamins and minerals in vegetables, fruits, some meats, grain, nuts, fish and poultry. You may take a multivitamin for an extra boost, but it is not necessary and even may be harmful if you take in too much at once.

Running Tips after ACL Surgery


Choosing the Best Apps for Running

Are you someone who is an avid runner, or do you just enjoy it in a passive sense? Either way, there are a wealth of apps on the market today that will help to motivate you and help you to put together an ideal fitness routine. It is easier than you might think to use these apps, even if you think of yourself as being technologically challenged. Consider trying out one or more of the following for a boost in your energy.

Zombies, Run!

Why not start out with one of the more fun and inventive apps? This is something that already has made many people get more into their running and truly enjoy it. The app is available on Windows Phone, as well as iOS and Android devices. It will cost you about $8, a cost which is definitely worth it for the sheer entertainment value alone. If you have a weird sense of humor and do not like to worry about your running stats, this might just be perfect for you. You will be able to interval train AND put together a supply base at the same time.


This app, which is entirely free, can be used on Android and iOS devices. It has been the favorite app of many runners for a long while. It is connected to the GPS on your phone. This allows for the app to track your distance, whether you are running, hiking, biking, or doing some other “outdoor” activity. You also will be able to photograph yourself, as well as determine how many calories you have burned and also download running routes. Sync it to programs that will let you track your progress with ease.

Wahoo Fitness

This app also is a free one. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can utilize the sensors on your phone, along with Wahoo fitness devices. That way, you can record how well you have performed. Customize your data screens to see the information that you prefer to view at any particular time. Record your distance, speed, heart rate, and more. The in-app GPS will pick up on your location.

Cardio Trainer

This is a free app that contains voice feedback, a built-in music player, and personalization settings. You can map your running route to view it while you are still out running. It has a clean and clear interface that makes it a great choice for someone who is just beginning to use apps for their running. You can have it set to record your distance in either kilometers or miles.

Tips for Working from Home after Surgery

Work from home

Have you been struggling with the transition to working from home due to a recent surgery, or want to make the move soon? Learn just how to work from home without losing your mind, and you will see how rewarding it really is in the long run.

Avoid Social Media

It goes without saying that you should steer clear of social media sites if you are in the midst of your work day – except in the instance that you have to post content for your client or on your business page. This is an invaluable resource that you should take advantage of, but try to keep it to certain times of the day.

You may be itching to view just a few more photos of your friend’s baby or check up on trending news, but you have plenty of time for that after your work is completed.

Create a Space for Work

Whether you have a hectic home life with kids and other types of distraction around, or you just want to get yourself in the right mindset, having a space set aside for just work is key. This can be a separate room as your home office, a corner of your living room with some sort of partition, or you might opt for a trip to the local cafe or library at times. Whichever you decide on, make sure it is suited to your unique work personality and needs.

Do Take Frequent Breaks

It is so important to take some breaks throughout your day, even if you like or have to work in one big block of time. Recent findings have shown that our mind works in 90 minute intervals. We have to renew our energy every 90 minutes, preferably with at least a 10 or 20 minute break.

Add these into your routine for a boost in energy and productivity:

*Grab a snack or a light meal

*Stretch and do a low-impact cardio workout, or some yoga

*Call a friend or spend time with your partner and/or children

*Sit back and close your eyes, but do not get into a super comfortable position or you may fall asleep! You’ll start to see noticeable differences in your moods and energy when you do so.

Working from home should be something that you enjoy. After all, you have chosen to do so over going out into the outside world for the 9 to 5 grind. Make it the best possible experience for you and your family. The truth is that you are able to experience something that many other people are not – the freedom to make your own schedule and individualize a custom plan and method for your career. This will impact your health and well-being for the positive, especially as you get older.